Porting GPlates to Qt5

Are there plans to port GPlates to Qt5? Qt4 is no longer available for my distribution unless I compile it myself, and that’s becoming increasingly difficult due to changed dependencies elsewhere along the build chain. Admittedly, I’m using Arch Linux, which has a (not entirely undeserved) reputation of being a bit ahead of the pack and more liable to breakage. From what I’ve read, Qt4 itself is unsupported upstream, and has been for a few years now.

I’d be happy to test new versions—I’m using GPlates for my own personal worldbuilding project, so there’s no PhD thesis or research at risk here if something breaks. (I’ve also learnt the importance of regular backups the hard way :slight_smile: )

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Thanks Robbie for the suggestion. The GPlates dev team is working on porting to Qt5 and I guess it will be done by next release.

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Today’s pyGPlates release supports Qt5. And the next GPlates release (end of this year) will also support Qt5.