Point Not Applying to Topology

When a point feature is created with two points over the same exact location point, topology will not apply to the added feature and disregards it. I believe this issue should not occur as it should act as if there is a single point.

I was having trouble applying a point I wanted to add to an existing topology feature. I created the feature by copying a feature and turning on the multi-point setting, which turned the line into points, as designed, however, I failed to realize that the single point I wished to keep was actually two points, one on top of the other. I created the feature as a half stage rotation reconstruction method, thinking it was only one point, though when I went to add the point to a topology, it failed to apply it, even though when in the adding stage, it recognized the point, it just seemed to fail to apply it. I just troubleshot the issue. The above statement is what I have deduced.

I’m not sure that the problem is two points being coincident with each other. Rather it sounds like the typical issue of having two features with the same feature ID. When both are added to a topology then it becomes ambiguous as to which feature should be used (so neither are used). It usually happens when a feature is copied (rather than cloned) such as when a GPML is copy’n’pasted (and so the feature IDs are also copy’n’pasted).

This post has more information.

I’m not exactly sure how you copied - you do mention a copy but it also sounds like there’s only one feature added to the topology. In any case, feel free to send me some example data that reproduces the problem.