Could not view all referenced features for a topology feature

Hello everyone:
I have created topological features and included the original or referenced features (i.e., features that area created by pygplates.Feature.create_reconstructable_feature) for the topological features in the same gpml file.
When I load the gpml file with all features to GPlates, I cannot see all original features that the topological features refer to, in other words, some parts of topological features look incomplete.
I examine the GPML in Notepad++ to make sure the feature id of each original feature that the topological features require are in the same GPML file. Every features seem to be included properly in the GPML file.

Below are two snapshots to show an example of the topological feature that has incomplete network in GPlates.

May I please ask for your advice on what possibly cause the problem?

Many thanks.

It could be duplicate feature IDs somewhere (see this post)?

Perhaps some features were copied rather than cloned when you created some of these features in pyGPlates. Copied features have the same feature ID whereas cloned features do not.

Dear John:

I followed your advice and the problem has been solved. Thank you very much.