What's the current status of GPlates 2.3?

I’ve seen a few references around that GPlates 2.3 is in the works and will be released… Soon™.

Not to rush, I’m just curious! What sorts of new things can we expect? Fixes, changes, etc. I look forward to it.

Very soon now, like weeks :wink:

There will be a lot of bug fixes since GPlates 2.2. Tectonic subsidence (stretching+thermal) is a new output (similar to existing crustal thinning outputs). Support for exponential stretching across rift profiles (we’re updating the user manual in preparation for 2.3 so there’s an overview on that here in section 5) - edit: oops that was actually in 2.2. Support for high-DPI displays (eg, Apple Retina). Installing on macOS no longer blocked on Catalina and above (this was part of a significant upgrade of our build and packaging system). I’ll have a proper list for the release.

Unfortunately we are unable to release some things currently in progress. Those will have to wait until GPlates 2.4 (which hopefully should not be such a long delay, like 2.3). Things like tilting the globe view (see to see 3D volumes better; along with a new 3D Perspective projection view), the first phase of generalized symbology (think subduction teeth) and improved integration of external vector formats (Shapefiles, etc). And with the way things work on Apple platforms (unlike Windows/Linux) we, unfortunately, are completely overhauling/upgrading our OpenGL graphics pipeline to enable 3D volumes to work properly on modern macOS systems - but on the plus side it makes things better for symbology rendering.