Using GPlates to model constructed worlds

Hi all,

You might be interested to find out that the worldbuilding community has been using GPlates to create more realistic maps of imaginary/fictional worlds. It’s a very niche hobby—possibly even more so than creating constructed languages—but there’s a few people out there who have been recommending it as an integral part of the mapping process. Here’s a few links to non-academic usage of GPlates in the wild:

GPlates is a really useful program, so a huge shout-out to the team developing it from at least some of the worldbuilders out there :smiley:

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I’ve also got a world of my own, Teranea. I’m not particularly happy with some of the motions, particularly the “spiralling” effect, and I think the only way to actually get it right is to go back to ~2 Ga, draw some cratons, and then run through a few supercontinent cycles to the present day. I’m not entirely sure how the author of Worldbuilding Pasta created the features that he’s using, but I think I can figure it out and go a step further.