Tutorial and Manual updates

Hi team,

Just so that you’re aware, we are currently doing a major update of the GPlates Tutorials. We anticipate to finish this by 4 September, but will post here again once the tutorial updates have been finalised.


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Hi Sabin,

this is good news. Any chance that the documentation and the tutorial (and maybe the manual) could be hosted using a wiki-type platform (or a versioned readthedocs type setup) so that non-Earthbyters could contribute or improve the documents if one comes across errors etc.?


Hi Christian,

We’ll have a chat about this at our next internal meeting (Sabin, Michael, Dietmar, etc).

I’m guessing, if we did go down this road, we might want a process similar to github pull requests (so we can review the changes before they are committed). I don’t know if a wiki-type platform supports this type of workflow or not.


It’s a great suggestion - but let’s see how we can manage such a process. Christian, hope you and family are well!

Hi both,

yeah all good here, summer and holidays over :frowning: Let me know if you need input - have made some good experience with dokuwiki.org which doesn’t need a database. I suppose workflows around github should be good as well - no experience there apart from sphinx.