Trouble saving files

I’m using gplates for worldbuilding purposes, but every time I try to save, it gives me this message

An error occurred while saving the file ‘/Cratons.gpml’:

ErrorOpeningFileForWritingException: Error opening file ‘/Cratons.gpml’ for writing

Call stack trace:

(/Users/jcannon/gplates/builds/2.2/src/file-io/, 557)

Can someone please help me?

Hi Goob,

It looks like you’re using GPlates 2.2. Does the problem still happen with 2.3 ?

Sorry I took so long to respond to this. I downloaded 2.3 and it still happened

It’s probably that you don’t currently have write permission on the file (eg, maybe another application has opened Cratons.gpml and has a write lock on it).

I believe this error message pops up without crashing GPlates. However if it does crash then let me know.

I checked and I think I have write permission on the file.

It’s definitely an issue with writing to the filename in some form or another. Actually you mention your filename is ‘/Cratons.gpml’ which is in the root directory which you wouldn’t generally have permission to write to.