Time sequence data of seafloor age

Hello. I have a question.

Where is the dataset of the time sequence of seafloor age in the directory of "GPlates 2.3.0\GeoData", as shown in the YouTube movie below on the GPlates page or the figures in Seton et al.’s (2012, Earth Sci. Rev.)? Maybe, they are provided by raster files, but I couldn’t find them in the above directory.

Because of the large size of these gridded datasets they are not included in the standard geodata. These sets of grids are instead available via our FTP server together with the plate model data for our published models.

For instance, the grids for the Muller et al. (2019) model can be found here:


while the grids for the Muller et al. (2016) model are here:


Thank you very much, Dietmar! I will download them.