"Smooth Boundary velocities" in pyGplates

Hi all, I am trying to use pygplates for getting paleo-velocities at the surface, similar to the tutorial in here:

In Gplates (the gui), when exporting plate velocities using any of the four file formats (GMT, GPML, Sitcom, Terra) one has the option to have smooth velocities at the boundaries, with a “degree” parameters that one can set. Is there a possibility to do the same, i.e., have smoother velocities within some distance of the boundaries? I have looked at the documentation for pygplates and could not find anything there.


Hi Sia,

That should be in the next pyGPlates release.

One of the main purposes of that release will be to handle velocities better (ie, easier to calculate them, including within deforming regions and on plate boundaries; and provide those export format options you mentioned).

Hi John,

This sounds awesome. More features for handling of velocities will be definitely useful when linking pygplates with other codes, specially convection codes. Looking forward to the release.

All the best,