Small Circle Stage Pole Time Range

Is there a reason why the time range for the Small Circle tool is limited to 1,000 Ma and cannot go back any further? Alternatively; is there a way to make that time range longer?

Hi Deric,

This is an oversight - thanks for bringing it to attention - I’ve just fixed it (and it will be in the next release).

Back in 2011, when this was implemented, 1000Ma was considered more than enough for any scientific model (and there was no Worldbuilding community back then :wink:). Kinda like when Bill Gates famously said “640K of memory ought to be enough for anybody” (although maybe he never said it). Now, of course, you can’t sneeze without using up more than 640K of memory.

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Is there any way to access this change or make it happen sooner than the next version release? If not I can wait just fine. Either way, thanks!