Rifting continents and changing parent ID

I have been learning the program and hit a significant roadblock which has already made me restart my process before, and I am hitting it once again now so I am desperate for help! I have begun my second rift, tidied up my ocean crusts, island arcs, continental crust etc, but cannot work out how to make a plate ID follow a new parent.

Eg. Plate (Cratons) 100 and 400 are rifting away from Plate 300, 500, 600 etc, however, before the rift, all the plates were following Plate 100; I now need Plate 500, 600 to follow Plate 300 instead of Plate 100.

I realise the solution is somewhere buried in the rotation file, but in my first attempt I tried to write what I thought would be the code (who would have thought guessing code was a good idea) and it ended up locking all of my plates, bar one, to a fixed position on the globe. This is a mistake I am desperate to avoid again!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Alder,

It sounds like you might need to use crossovers. Tutorial 2.2 might be helpful in this regard.