Restore points in a feature file using different reconstruction times

Hi, I’m trying to restore a list of coordinates to their previous location in pyGPlates, and the assigned reconstruction times are different between them.

I know the function pygplates.reconstruct() can restore points in a feature to a certain reconstruction time.

But is there any way that I can apply different reconstruction times for each point in a feature file?

Jeremy Wu

Hi Jeremy,

You’ll need to call pygplates.reconstruct() separately for each point (or sub-group of points) that has a different reconstruction time.

Since pygplates.reconstruct can accept a single feature (as an alternative to a filename or a collection of features) you can just pass each point as a separate Feature (and pass a different reconstruction time along with it).

This tutorial goes through examples of reconstructing each feature in a set of features to the time associated with the feature:

Basically, you’ll need to write a for loop to iterate over the features (since pygplates doesn’t have mechanism to do that for you).