Reconstructing multiple shapefile polygon features through time

I’m trying to reconstruct multiple polygons through time using gplately. They are H3 grid hexagons (variable name “H3”) that I would like to use for time-transgressive prediction. I load them as a feature collection (originally a .shp), then I am hoping to get their reconstructed geometry as well as plot them using gplately.

And have tried reconstructing them through “model.reconstruct(H3, time)” or through the “gplot.get_feature(H3)”. For get.feature, I have done this as loop through each feature in the collection and it does not seem to help. I get a reconstructed feature geometry, but any plotting does not line up where it should, nor are the coordinates correct.

It seems like regardless, I do not get reconstructed geometry and am returned the original geometry. I can reconstruct other files (e.g., coastlines) with the same methods. All of the H3 features would be anchored on North America at time=0. I have tried setting the plate ID to 101.

Happy to answer any questions you might have. Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi Danny,

If you show me your code and data, I can try to find a solution.

If the reconstruction already returns the original geometries, you need to check if the correct plate IDs have been assigned to the features.

Thanks for this ^ , I had not been setting them quite right. This comment got me headed on the right path after turning in circles for a bit. I then figured out I had to partition the plates not just set plate ID to get the results I wanted. Thanks.