Reconstruct rasters using pygplates

Hi all,

I’m new to pygplates. I’m trying to import a raster feature into pygplates and reconstruct it back to a certain age using the rotation model.

Can anyone please let me know how to import raster features and reconstruct them back in time in pygplates?

Thanks in advance!!

Hi Harsha,

While pyGPlates can reconstruct a grid of points, it does not support importing rasters and writing back reconstructed versions of those rasters.

However there are two projects of interest in this regard, GPlatesReconstructionModel and GPlately. Both libraries provide raster functionality as well as a higher-level interface for other pyGPlates functionality making them easier to use, especially when it comes to plotting in Python notebooks.

GPlately is a new project (and raster reconstruction has recently been added) but is under active development and so is liable to change. It has the Raster class demonstrated here.

And GPlatesReconstructionModel has the GPlatesRaster class demonstrated here.

Both libraries are continuing to be developed, so are worth keeping an eye out for.