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My version of pygplates doesn’t seem to support the RotationModel class very well… When I create an instance of RotationModel, it works well if I do this:

import gplately
from gplately import pygplates

rotation_model = pygplates.RotationModel("file.rot")

From this I can retrieve for instance the default anchor plate (which is zero). However, when I try to create another instance with another anchor plate, I always get an error that RotationModel doesn’t have a keyword argument “default_anchor_plate_id”. The same is true for the other two keyword arguments of RotationModel.init(). I’ve tried two ways to create an instance with a different anchor plate id:

rotation_model_301 = pygplates.RotationModel(rotation_model, default_anchor_plate_id=301)
rotation_model_301 = pygplates.RotationModel("file.rot", default_anchor_plate_id=301)

Both yield:

TypeError: RotationModel.__init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'default_anchor_plate_id'

My pygplates is version 0.39 and my gplately is version 1.0. I am running them on a MacBook with M1 chip.

Many thanks,

Hi Thomas,

when you do from gplately import pygplates, you are importing a pygplates wrapper in gplately whose RotationModel class does not support default_anchor_plate_id. You can try import pygplates directly.

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Hi Michael,

That solves the issue indeed! Many thanks!