PyGplates installation for Windows 11

I am a super beginner of Gplates user.
I normally just use Gplates to built my model. however, i need to install PyGplates in order to use PyBacktrack. Could you please help me to explain as easy way to install PyGplates in my PC ?

Thank you


Hi austi,

Here are some examples on how to install pyBacktrack dependencies, including pyGPlates, on:

Also the pyGPlates documentation includes:

If you’re on Windows just follow the latter instructions (edit: I just noticed Windows 11 in your title).

You can download pyGPlates here.

Note that we will soon be supporting conda which will make installation easier, but for now it’s pretty much manually extracting a pre-compiled zip file (or installing Debian package on Ubuntu) and then setting the PTYHONPATH environment variable to the extracted location.

Hi John,

Thanks for your reply,
but whenever I try to run script using SPYDER

import sys
sys.path.insert(1, ‘/path/to/pygplates’)
import pygplates

it said

File “C:\Users\aigus\Downloads\pygplates_rev28_python38_win64 (1)\pygplates_rev28_python38_win64\”, line 10, in
import pygplates

ImportError: DLL load failed while importing pygplates: The specified procedure could not be found.

I dont know what happened there.

PS: conda installation would be very helpful (thanks for that, when it will be released publicly?)


The pyGPlates documentation covers a few error messages here, but yours isn’t there.

Just to be sure, are you replacing ‘/path/to/pygplates’ with your extracted path?

It looks like you’re using pyGPlates compiled for Python 3.8. What’s your Python version ? It should also be version 3.8.

That should be the next public release, but I don’t have a time estimate for that yet.