Newbie Question - installation on Windows


I am trying to install pygplates on windows 10. I’ve downloaded the executable, and it seems like its successfully downloaded. I’ve added the path to gplates to my python path variable, and I’ve also hardcoded it on the top of the file (the sys.insert command that is on the documentation). However, it still throws an error that the Module is not found. Do you have any advice? I am using python 3.9. Thanks in advance for the help!

Hi Sydney,

Which executable did you download? And by executable do you mean a zip file?

There’s some instructions on installing pyGPlates here that involve extracting from a zip file.

I downloaded gplates_2.3.0_win64.exe from this link: Download GPlates 2.3 – EarthByte

I will look into the normal .zip and see if that fixes my problem!

Yeah the front page of GPlates website links directly to GPlates 2.3. But if you click the download tab at the top then you can also see the pyGPlates download link.