Mapping plate IDs to plate names

Thanks that was very helpful.

One other question. I’m working with the GMS server for some plate and Euler pole work.
Topological Plate Polygons come with names (e.g., Africa AFR_001_000, South Banda Sea"). Euler poles from GMS come with plate ID. I’ve looked online for dictionaries associated with models but cannot find that would allow me to join one to the other. I was wondering if there is a way you know of to get that data through GMS?

I’ve seen mappings (in older rotation models) of plate IDs and their name/description. For example, there’s Seton_etal_ESR2012_PlateIDs.pdf here. I don’t know offhand if there’s something similar for more recent models and if it’ll help associate names of topological plate polygons with plate IDs.

Although, I guess in your original question you’ve already got the name and plate ID of each plate polygon (found by explicitly searching through a loaded topological model using pyGPlates). Could you build your own dictionary from that? Perhaps I’m not understanding the connection to GMS and what plate IDs it’s using.

There is a newer version csv file here gplates-web-service/django/GWS/data/earth/Muller_etal_2019_plateID_list.csv at master · GPlates/gplates-web-service · GitHub

You may also try this It returns the plate IDs and names map.

And there is an experimental webpage Reconstruction Tree

Thank you for your help thus far. I’ve been scraping it from the model itself in pyGplates.