Map projections

Can we maybe get more projections, like the Van der Grinten or Gall-Peters?
Screenshot 2024-07-05 170002

Hey there
It would be great to have additional projections like Van der Grinten or Gall-Peters. These options could provide different perspectives for visualizing data on the platform. I hope they can be considered for future updates!

As long as the projections map the entire globe using latitude/longitude (with a central meridian and dateline) then they are possible candidates for adding. And these two projections look like they satisfy that.

We’ll have a look at adding more projections once the Vulkan graphics rewrite is nearing completion. This is because 2D map projections in GPlates are transitioning to graphics-hardware-acceleration for better interactivity (using 2nd-order interpolation of pre-computed map projection 2D arrays) - and this places some limitations on the projection. But this will make the new symbology rendering a lot more feasible and interactive.