Issue in half stage rotation feature creation UI

When using the tab key to navigate around the Create Feature menu, I noticed that the “Right Plate ID” is placed at the end of the sequence rather than as the (logical) second step. You either have to use Shift+Tab to get to the Right Plate ID entry box or tab all the way through the entire menu (or I guess use your mouse).

If this could be changed in the next update to just match how the regular “By Plate ID” reconstruction part of the menu is ordered, that would be a really nice QOL change.

This is fixed now, but didn’t quite make it into GPlates 2.3, so will be in the next release.

Just to note, in addition to using the TAB key to navigate through the page you can also use the ENTER key (it’s a little faster when you’re not modifying the fields and just want to get through to the next page). It has the same issue you mentioned (also fixed for the next release).