I cannot move my continents

So I have my continents ready,

I then make a reconstruction tree, and then select a continent with the f shortcut, move it with p shortcut,

but when I click apply, the stats for part 2 are blank, and the continent does not move.

This can happen when a rotation file is not loaded, but sounds like you have one loaded (you mention “reconstruction tree”). In which case it might be your rotations for the selected continent are not set up correctly - perhaps you can post them here.

I am not sure what you mean (instead of copy-pasting the rot file from outside the program, I pressed add new layer and selected reconstruction tree)

Sorry I meant just copy’n’pasting from your rotation file into a new post on this forum thread so we can look at the rotations.

Although from what you’ve just said it might be that you created a Reconstruction Tree (yellow) layer manually and so it might not have any rotations in it. Instead simply load your “.rot” file using File > Open Feature Collection and it will create a new yellow layer for you with the rotations populated in that layer.

Thanks, it worked

(I think the problem was that I wasn’t actually converting the file into a .rot file, so it didn’t know what to do with it.