How to extract a "Topology" feature from a project file?

Hi all,

I need a Topology file (.gpmlz) from a GPlates project (.gproj) to find the subducted area in PyGPlates. The model is “Pacific_EARTHBYTE_Model_R” and I have downloaded the project file from Torsvik et al., 2019. Could you please help me to find/extract the Topology file?
Thank you in advance!


Hi Moloud,

Is the topology file (.gpmlz) failing to load when you load the project (.gproj) ? Or you just want to locate where the topology file is on your file system?

If the latter then you can open the Manage Feature Collections dialog (CTRL+M) in GPlates (after loading the project) and inspect the file location (by hovering the cursor over the filename) or Save a copy of the file to a new location. Then you can use that in pyGPlates.