How do you format the more niche color palette files?

With regular draw style, we get access to .cpt files, and there seems to be a way to import custom files for coloring things like scalar coverages and networks, but there aren’t any example files that would show what file format is needed for it to render correctly. For example, if you want to color by feature type, you have to have this at the end or else it doesn’t seem to work right:

N 128 128 128

I figure there would be things like that for scalar coverages, I’ll admit I haven’t yet tried making one and just seeing what happens.

For scalar coverages you can only colour by palette (CPT or builtin palette) since you’re colouring by the scalar value of each point in the feature (which has a different scalar value) unlike regular colouring which colours by a feature’s property (such as its feature type). It’s a bit more like a raster (which can also only colour by palette).

For networks, colouring by feature type isn’t usually done since most networks have the same feature type (gpml:TopologicalNetwork).