Half Stage Rotation Feature jumps to Unintended Location

I do not know how I caused this error to occur, I just recall the error occurring when I was performing rotation. I’ve been using the same technique (Artifexian via Worldbuilding Pasta) and this time was no different. I wish I had a previous save file so I could return to before the error, but alas I do not. Would love a feature that allows undo past reopening.

Every plate is moving as designed ie from 1150Ma to 1050Ma, Ocean crust (By Plate ID) is present so I can see how they move, however something seems to have happened with 401 at some point. I noticed the Mid Ocean Ridges (Half stage Rotations) between 401 and its adjacent plates had jumped out of how they were working before (between 1150Ma-1100Ma things were absolutely fine). Then I performed rotation 1100Ma-1050Ma and that’s when the error occurred. Sometimes I have accidently made a miscalculation in the rotation file, but none exists, as far as I know. So I deleted the features and started to set new ones, but the mid ocean ridges and guide points that are supposed to stay center of the two plates (half stage rotation) as the plates rotate do not follow the intended path, even though the other features not linked to 401 plate ID do move as intended. These new features jump to some other location on the globe, where the originals had jumped to when the error first occurred, and I can’t seem to pinpoint what’s causing this. I can offer files if needed.