GPlates Crashing

I built and installed GPlates on Manjaro, but when I try to run it, it gives me this error:

Unable to load library icui18n "Cannot load library icui18n: (icui18n: cannot open shared object file: No 
such file or directory)" 
Logging to console started at Mon Aug 10 21:14:32 2020 by GPlates  
[Warning] "Error: GPlates has caught an unhandled exception: AssertionFailureException: Assertion 
Call stack trace:
(/home/_pauly_/gplates/src/gplates-2.1.0/src/qt-widgets/, 926)
[Warning] "Call stack trace:
(/home/_pauly_/gplates/src/gplates-2.1.0/src/qt-widgets/, 926)

[Fatal] Exiting due to exception caught
zsh: abort (core dumped)  gplates

Hi kriv02,

Thanks for including the stack trace. The location of the crash tells me that GPlates is not getting initialized properly. It is odd that GPlates got into a state where that particular assertion failed.

Did you have to make any modifications to the build process to get GPlates to compile? Eg, perhaps you had trouble installing Qt4. By the way, the next release will use Qt5 (and the build process has been updated significantly).

Also, regarding the icui18n library load error, GPlates no longer has a direct dependency on ICU but I can see that ldd gplates (on Ubuntu) shows it’s linked (maybe via Boost). You could try installing it directly (perhaps following something like this).

Also I noticed you are compiling GPlates 2.1, you may (or may not) have better luck compiling GPlates 2.2.


I used the build script found here, which is for Arch Linux and not Manjaro, which typically isn’t a problem, but maybe that’s what is causing this. I used that instead of the script given in the source code because the source build script would consistently error out. It’s been a while since I tried it, but if I remember correctly, it errored because it couldn’t find the Qt4 libraries.

Hi kriv02,

I’m sending you the source code that uses Qt5 and the updated build system. If you want to give that a try, and if that doesn’t work we can sort it out from there.


Just an update for others reading this… kriv02 successfully compiled and ran a development version of GPlates supporting Qt5. And we are aiming to publicly release GPlates (with Qt5 support) at the end of this year.