GPlates crashes when saving New Feature Collection and deletes saved work

I am running GPlates 2.3.0 on an Intel Mac (2019 16" MacBook Pro) Running Mac OS 12.6

Sometimes when I try to name and save a new feature collection GPlates imediatly freezes and gives me the beach ball of death. I have no recourse other than to force quit the program. Even worse is that after having done so when I try to re-open the file I’m working on (which I have saved multiple times previously) after the crash, the file is empty and GPlates opens my saved file as a completly blank and new file with my saved work nowhere to be found. So, first the program crashes then it deletes my saved work. What do I do?

Hi Jenny,

So, if I understand correctly, it’s deleting the contents of a file that is not the new feature collection you are naming and saving? Or are you overwriting an existing file (eg, using Save As), that contains your previously saved work, with your new feature collection (eg, perhaps it’s basically the same content with just some minor changes)? I could imagine a crash (during the file write) corrupting the contents in the latter case, but not so much in the former case.

I’ve just tried saving a new feature collection after digitizing a new feature using macOS GPlates 2.3, and also tried overwriting an existing file (using Save As), and it was fine. So to reproduce the problem, could you post some more steps?

It definitely sounds like a bug, and it sounds like it doesn’t always crash, so it might be tricky to reproduce. In which case, if you can PM me a simple test GPlates project (with its data files), or even just the data files, and then detail the steps necessary to reproduce the crash then that’d be great. If I can reproduce the crash then I can fix it and send you new test GPlates build.