GPlates 2.3 released

We’re pleased to announce the release of GPlates 2.3.

You can find out what’s new, and download GPlates 2.3 and compatible geodata.

Note that we now ask for your name, email address and where you use GPlates (university/industry/govt/other) before downloading. This helps us directly notify you of updates/fixes to GPlates and our models/data, as well as demonstrate its impact for continued funding.

Documentation includes the user manual, tutorials and the data manual.

Note that the user manual is now up to date.


I would like to update the GPlates package in Nixpkgs to version 2.3.0. However, for that I need a stable URL that I can download the source from. Do the URLs generated after filling out the form expire? I assume other Linux distributions face the same problem.

Also note that contacting people without their consent and collecting personal data is illegal in many jurisdictions. I thus ask you to reconsider the decision to make filling in that information mandatory.

This is a very exciting update. Thank you John and co!

User information is no longer mandatory in order to download GPlates.

However, as noted on the download page, the GPlates platform is largely funded by the NCRIS program and provision of the user information improves our chances of being able to continue to develop and support the software in the future.

Also the download URLs don’t expire, and so they could be used by Linux distributions.

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