Getting STL Formated Data

I am completely lost but I’m looking to get a STL file on the topographic data that can be found at this site when configured in topography, Columbus, with a v scale of 100. so far I have tried messing with Gplates but found no way to even understand the data.
im just a student making a massive CNC’d map as a cool project for students to learn with
if i could do this with a program i would like that as it allows for smaller areas to be done for more detailed area like if i wanted to do a country
i know that the data (i want under water too) was made by earthbyte but have no idea what the data is formatted in and i cant seem to find just a topo map

Hi Piman,

The topography data we used at can be found here
And you can try to convert it to STL with this

And here is some info about how to use the topography data in GPlates