Geometries not placing where mouse cursor is

Hello, I’ve been having an issue with gplates on my new pc that I haven’t had before. When I click to place a new vertex for any kind of geometry the dot is placed below where my cursor actually is. This makes it very difficult to use the program. Big thanks to anyone that can help me with this issue, I haven’t been able to find anyone else with this sort of issue.

Hi Elexia,

Is your new PC using Windows? And I assume you’re using the latest GPlates (2.3)?

We had a mouse pointer offset issue that happened on Windows just before GPlates 2.3 was released (and was fixed prior to the release). It was an issue in one of the libraries we use (Qt) that was fixed by upgrading to a newer version (Qt 5.15.2).

However a couple of months ago I received a report that looks very similar to this - the inability to click/select a feature (eg, a polyline/polygon) - that is likely caused by a similar mouse offset issue. But I have not heard back from them, so I don’t know the systems involved (other than they used the Windows build of GPlates 2.3).

Do you know the model or type of your new PC? And are you using a laptop connected to an external monitor? Or some setup different than a regular PC connected to a monitor. And I assume you’re using a regular mouse and not a trackpad?

PS: Does it only happen in the 3D Orthographic view, or does it also happen in the 2D map views?

I am using windows and the latest GPlates. I ran CCleaner to clean up my pc and that fixed the issue, though I’m not sure how. For your own bookeeping, I am using a laptop (ACER Model No. N20C1) and a regular mouse, though the issue was happening with both the mouse and trackpad. I am also connecting to an external monitor. When not connected to an external monitor, I get the same green line issue mentioned in previous post despite updated drivers. I think that issue is because my laptop uses my processors graphics for it’s screen and the gpu for external monitors, but I’m not sure. As for the mouse issue, as I said it’s resolved for now though I’m not exactly sure how. Thank you very much for the help!

Great! And thanks for providing those follow up details. That’s very interesting that CCleaner fixed the issue. That leads me to suspect that a different Qt5 DLL was being used by GPlates somehow (perhaps the older version Qt < 5.15.2, that had the mouse offset issue).

We place DLLs used by GPlates in the same directory as the GPlates EXE, so they should get found first (ie, before any system installed DLLs). Although there is one note mentioned here that might have caused your issue (prior to using CCleaner) - apparently before searching the application directory it does the following (which I hadn’t seen before)…

If a DLL with the same module name is already loaded in memory, the system uses the loaded DLL, no matter which directory it is in. The system does not search for the DLL).

…so perhaps some other application, using Qt5, was run before GPlates.

And regarding the green lines, that’s a good point (that it could be using the integrated GPU, except when using external monitor where it might be using dedicated GPU). I wonder if the integrated GPU drivers got updated (maybe it was the dedicated that got updated).