Geometries hanging off edge of map

Hello everyone! I’ve been having this issue for a while now.

Whenever I set the map to the Mollweide or Robinson projections, the edges of the plate geometries hang off the right edge of the map, like so:

What’s going on here and how do I fix this?

Oh, FYI - I have the map projection set to a central longitude of 180 degrees if that helps.


That’s actually a bug where the underlying map background and grid lines are incorrect (for non-zero central meridians). The actual geometries on the map are in the correct position though.

It was fixed in the 3.0 development branch, but that branch isn’t working yet (and won’t for quite a while), so I’ve just backported the fix into GPlates 2.3. You can try here.

Thanks, but… I’m actually using a Mac.

Ah right, yes, I’ll make a Mac build when I return to work later this week (just heading off now).

I’ve added the Mac build gplates_2.3.1-beta.8_Darwin-x86_64.dmg to the above link (it should run on Intel or Silicon Macs).