Expert needed asap

I need an expert on Gplate to guide me on a Gplate project that I’m currently working on, I need to know the following.
1.Construction of isochrons from scratch
2.How to code and predict the future position of plates by use of Gplates.
2.How to export the modeled simulation into a PowerPoint presentation.

Hello Duke:

  1. I believe the first topic ‘Construction of isochron from scratch’ is an on-going research work, especially if you want to construct isochron automatically. I think one of GPlates’ tutorial mentioning and detailing step-by-step of how to identify rifts and mid-ocean ridges.
  2. I do not think there is a way to export the modeled simulation into a PowerPoint presentation directly. There is option to export each reconstruction frame in GPlates to a JPEG, JPG or PNG file. Then, you can use these frames to create a video with open-sourced software like Blender, import the video to the PowerPoint presentation.