Exception on Export Snapshot

I’m getting an error on the console whenever I try to export a single snapshot from either 2.3 or 2.2
the stacktrace reads:
InvalidPointsForPolylineConstructionError: insufficient distinct points
(E:\Users\John\Development\Usyd\gplates\src\2.3\src\maths\PolylineOnSphere.h, 1091)

Gplates doesn’t crash, but the output render is incomplete and the shapes are disjointed for some reason.
What I’m trying to export is an SVG, and I don’t understand why I’m getting this error when I didn’t have it before the update. The stacktrace gives me the impression that I’m doing something wrong, but as stated earlier, I have worked like this in the past and never had such an issue.

It looks like you have a polyline geometry that either has all points coincident (at the same position) or that has two consecutive points that are antipodal (at polar opposite positions). Both situations cause the polyline to fail. Maybe your data was updated with included such a polyline.