Editing features simultaneously in QGIS and GPlates


For my reconstruction I am editing polylines & polygons in both QGIS and GPlates simultaneously, because I prefer some features of QGIS and some features in GPlates when creating them. However, when I add a polyline in QGIS to a file I have previously opened in GPlates it doesn’t show up in GPlates - no matter how often I refresh or restart either program. Am I doing something wrong or is there a bug somewhere?

Many thanks,

Hi Thomas,

have you made sure to commit the changes to the layer in QGIS (not saved the QGIS project file!)? If you don’t save those changes to disk/file then GPlates doesn’t know about this as it is only kept in QGIS memory. Once you’ve saved the changes to the layer in QGIS a simple refresh in the GPlates feature manager should do.

While I can see the reason why you’re doing things like you do, I’d say that you’re setting yourself up for trouble and possible data loss. I’d recommend to stick with one program to digitise/change geometries, especially on Windows I have a few crashes that way.


Hi Christian,

Yes, I’ve done all of the obvious things such as saving not only the QGIS project but also the actual layer in QGIS (“clicking the pencil”). Still, it didn’t show up with the refresh in GPlates. Anyways, I’ve found a workaround!