Discussion of GPlates models uncertainties

Hi all

I’m trying to write a short summary of the uncertainties in GPlates models for my dissertation. I broke it down into different categories (data, interpolation algorithms, technical uncertainties, etc.) which led me to discuss specific uncertainties for single plate boundaries. I’m missing more overarching discussion points on the uncertainty in creating a global plate reconstruction through time.

Before coming up with discussion points myself, I wanted to reach out to the GPlates community and ask for your input and resources. Do you know of an in-depth discussion of the limitations of GPlates plate reconstruction models? How would you estimate, for example, the certainty of statistical calculation for the global motions of large plates at 45 Ma using a recent model (e.g. Muller et al 2019)? How much will it change when using newer or older models?

I know these are open questions so I’m not looking for specific values or formulas. I’m interested in your thoughts, ideas and references to papers which discuss these matters.