Creating Pacific-type oceanic plates

How do you create an oceanic plate analogous to the Pacific Plate that grow out of a triple junction?

I can use topologies to get a rough idea of the boundaries of the plate, but I can’t create features that are part of the plate because I don’t know how it is rotating or moving across the globe relative to anything else. I’d like to be able to draw sections of oceanic crust (and/or isochrons) to indicate the relative age of the plate as it grows.

The triangular plate in the centre will be an oceanic plate that will eventually grow and cause one or more of the oceans around it to subduct under their adjacent continents. The boundaries are line topologies joining a pair of points that originated at the triple junction, but these points are themselves positioned as half-stage rotations much like the rifts branching away from the plate.

Also, is there a quicker way of drawing the oceanic crust segments? The ones in that screenshot were done manually by copying the rift geometry as a new polygon and then carefully matching vertices with adjacent features.