Coupling Continent

I’m trying to couple a microcontinet to a larger continet that it originally broke off from 20ma years ago(note i’m reconstructing plates from the modren day to past). But everytime i enter the recrlronstrustion values the microcontinent returns to its position at the start of the simulation. The microcontinent is 302 while the coupling continet is 500


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Your rotations at 1000Ma are zero (ie, have zero angle). So between 20Ma and 1000Ma the rotation will gradually shift from the 20Ma rotation to the 1000Ma (zero) rotation and hence return to the position at present day.

You need to duplicate the 20Ma rotations at 1000Ma so that there’s no change from 20Ma to 1000Ma.

Would i continue that process up untill i reach 100ma like i would with drift corrections?

That sounds like a question about a worldbuilding process - perhaps someone from the worldbuilding community might be able to help you.

Okay. Thank you for the help