Core GPlates source code is on now!

The core GPlates source code has a new home! You can find the project at now.

Stay tuned and give us a Star if you like GPlates and would like to encourage us a bit.

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Is the GitHub default gplates branch mostly stable enough for day-to-day use? I’ve been using a 2.3.1_beta version that @john.cannon had uploaded in response to questions in the past, and it generally works fine. I have to recompile it fairly often to ensure it links to the most recent system libraries, but that’s not an issue unless the program fails to compile (which has happened in the past).

Yes, gplates and pygplates are both stable. Any breaking changes will be done on feature branches. More info on branches in the GPlates repository can be found here.

That is from the hotfix/gplates-2.3.1 branch which accumulates bug fixes since the GPlates 2.3 public release. There’s quite a few fixes now, so I should make a public GPlates 2.3.1 release soon.