Cookie-cutting a raster at a given time in Gplates

Following exercise 1 in tutorial 3.2, I can now associate a raster layer of modern topography with a polygon layer (using the “add connections” feature in “reconstructed polygons”) and then move the modern topography back in time with the time controller.

Now, I have a raster file with paleotopography at a given time (here 60Ma); i import this file and try to associate this new raster layer with the polygon layer, but I realize the clipping is made at the 0Ma time step, not 60Ma. Is there a way to make Gplates understand I want to associate both layers at a specific time ?

Currently the raster is always reconstructed from present day. However, with the rendering-engine/symbology overhaul currently in progress, I plan to incorporate this (ie, support reconstructing a paleo-raster). I know the symbology is taking a long time but it is definitely coming (there are significant internal changes being made).