Change colour scheme for individual features with PyGPlates

Hi all,

I know “we can only change the colour scheme for all features, not individual features”
I wonder if someone has tried to symbolize a shapefile by any fields of attribute table with Python ?

Many thanks


Hi Fabrice,

If you’re talking about GPlates (rather than pyGPlates), then you might want to check out the Paleogeography tutorial.

Tutorial 2.6 from here:

In there I provide an example of how a categorical colour palette can be used to map to a field in a Shapefile visualised in GPlates. Hope it helps!


Hi Fabrice,

Currently you can colour features by looking up a shapefile attribute in a CPT colour palette.

In the GPlates tutorials, there’s an example in exercise 1b of Tutorial 2.6: Introduction to Paleogeography.

Internally it uses a Python colouring script to extract the property from the feature and lookup the colour palette. You can see the script and discussion about that by Christian Heine here.


Thank you very much both for time spent and your quick response.
That’s excatly what I’m looking for.

The best