Can't split continental crust

Hello, as we see on this image there are 2 pieces of continental crust

What I’m trying to do is split them so they move independently from one another, and while the continent on the right moves independently, whenever I move the continent on the left both continents follow. I’ve tried everything and I don’t know what to do.

The continent on the left has an id of 300, and the one on the right of 600.


It looks like you’ve decoupled them (starting at 900Ma). But between 900Ma and 0Ma they still have the same rotation (relative to 000) - so they will appear to move together even though they’re decoupled.

If you change the rotations at 1Ma and 900Ma on just one of the plates (perhaps using the Modify Reconstruction Pole tool) then that plate should move independently. (Also maybe change the first line of 600 to be relative to 000 instead of 300, though that should only affect the time period 0 to 1Ma)