Can't get my plates to move correctly

I seem to be experiencing a technical difficulty with rotation. I only recently got into GPlates, and I’m attempting to reverse-engineer the plate tectonics of a fictional continent that I designed some time ago. However, when I attempted to move one of my plates, the central plate would instead move in the opposite direction, as shown in this video.

I was able to get it to stop doing this after updating some plate IDs (I’ve been told that GPlates hates non-hundred numbers), but now none of my plates are moving at all. I would appreciate all the help I can get on the matte, and this zip folder contains all of my files for the world in case it is needed.

Oh, and before anyone inquires about the age of some of my cratons, the reason some of them don’t go back to the distant past is because in my fantasy setting, there were ancient mountain giants (more like the ones you would see in Hilda or the titans in Critical Role) which were able to shape the terrain to their liking, with some parts of the crust thickening and effectively behaving like cratons from there on out. I’m only here to ask about my rotation difficulties, so I figured I’d get that explanation out of the way.