Batch load raster files

Hi John, Michael & GPlates community,

another suggestion from my end - it would be great to have the ability to “batch load” raster data.

While this is possible for the time-dependent rasters, it would be super useful to have similar functionality for a bunch of “normal” raster data as well. I realise that this might not be trivial for non-georeferenced rasters, but in the case of readily georeferenced rasters, it should much more straightforward.

Such functionality would be a fantastic time saver if one has a number of gridded data sets which one would like to throw into GPlates.

I guess this would be similar to a “drag 'n drop” functionality for raster data in some way - for the georeferenced data GPlates should then be possible to read the data straight away, while flagging those files w/o georeferencing info and presenting the wizard.