Assigning Plate ID to non-present day raster

I have a raster representing parameters at 79Ma. I wanted to use GPlates to rotate these to present-day.
I have used Assign Plate ID to cookie cut the raster, assigning current construction time 79Ma.
However, when I assign the plate polygons to the raster, the raster seems to be cut using the plate polygons in their present-day configuration, following which raster is rotated back to 79Ma.
Is there a way to rotate a “paleo”-raster to present-day within GPlates (2.3)?

Currently, in GPlates, the raster must be a present-day raster in that the raster data must represent present-day positions. The raster can also be time-dependent but the data in each time slice is still expected to represent present-day positions (ie, be in the plate reference frame where the plates don’t move/reconstruct through time) - GPlates will then reconstruct the plates and the raster data will follow the plate motion.

To reconstruct a raster representing data at non-zero times you can use gplately with a non-zero time in the Raster object (see here). There’s also a Notebook covering rasters here.

Thanks, I’ll give that a try.