Another Newbie question Making .rot files with txt on Windows

Hey guys, I have a newbie question…
I’m on Windows and I need your help on how to convert txt to rot files
could anyone help,
I searched “how to convert txt to rot files” or “convert txt to rot files” and I could not find it…
so I’m new to this gplates thing and a lot of you guys are macOS but I’m on Windows
(comment below which os your in) I found a video called: " How To Simulate Continental Drift in GPlates" so it didn’t help me… because how am I supposed to convert txt to rot even though my windows don’t have that?! So help me guys… PLS (if ur on macOS and know about Gplates 2.0 on Windows pls help me) PLEASE I BEG U! I installed Gplates 2.0

Thanks for reading this I hope you have a good day :smiley:

I think you can just rename the filename extension .txt to .rot (eg, in Windows Explorer, right-click “Rename”).

It’s also possible the filename extension is hidden (as you mentioned in this post).

oh! thank you very much