Anchored plateID messing with some features

Hi All,

I am having a weird issue where the reconstruction of certain features is being affected differently by the anchored plateID. The below screenshots should show what I’m talking about…

This is my model with anchored plate 802 (East Antarctica):

Now the same reconstruction time with anchored plate 801 (Australia):

As you can see, the Curnamona Province has gone on holiday in West Papua. For reference, the affected components are reconstructed relative to plate 801. Many other components are also relative to 801 but they are not affected by the change in anchored plate.

Any clues?


Hi Thomas,

Perhaps double-check there’s a plate circuit path (in the rotation file) from 801 to the plate ID of the red polygon (at the reconstruction time in question). It looks like anchoring to 802 works, and you say that these components are relative to 801 so it sounds like it should work. If so, maybe you could PM me the relevant rotations for the red polygon (in the circuit path to 801) and I’ll check.