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Is this site feedback? I don’t know. Maybe I haven’t even got to the site yet. Earlier today, I downloaded 2.2.0 and tried to run it up, ready to begin tutorial 1.1, but I got this error message:Screenshot 2020-04-08 at 16.12.47. In case you see this files name rather than its content, it says “macOS cannot verify that this app is free from malware” (Cheek!) Has anyone else experienced this, and has any cure or workaround been identified? (If it’s any help, the OS is 10.15.3.) Also, I’m not entirely sure I’m sending this to the right place; if anyone notices this and knows it isn’t the right place, please tell me. Thanks.

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  1. try to run GPlates first and it will fail
  2. go to “System Preferences”->“Security & Privacy” and allow the GPlates

see the screenshot below .

Hi Nick,

By the way, usually we create a new post in Q & A category for questions.
I have moved the post to GPlates not run due to MacOS security -- from NSB